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Mrs. Bishop (ESL)

7:00-7:25       Morning Duty
7:50-8:25       5th WIN A
8:25-8:55       4th Push-in
8:55-9:45       Conference 
9:50-10:25     3rd WIN B
10:35-11:10   3rd WIN A
11:15-11:45    Lunch
12:05-12:40   4th WIN B
1:00-1:35       5th WIN B
1:50-2:25      4th WIN A
2:30-3:30      Car Duty
This year I will focus on helping our EBs, emergent bilinguals, grow at least one proficiency level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We got this!
Why I teach...
I want to make learning fun while developing the confidence to communicate effectively. I want our students to find and love their voices and languages!