Youth Birding Program Receives $34,621 Grant

On September 25th, the Rockport-Fulton ISD youth birding program received a grant donation of $34,621 from the Margaret Sue Rust Foundation, in collaboration with the RFISD Education Foundation. This grant will cover essential expenses such as binoculars, field guides, monthly field trip and competition travel costs, student tuition for the Rio Diablo summer youth birding camp, and significant equipment expenses like spotting scope repairs or replacements.


Science lab teacher Martha McLeod established the RFISD youth birding program approximately 14 years ago, which has since become one of the most successful extension initiatives offered by the RFISD. Each year, students from this program enthusiastically compete in the TPWD Great Texas Birding Classic, consistently achieving top rankings in both the elementary and secondary divisions. Last year, RFISD had 8 teams of students participating in the competition.


This substantial donation ensures the sustainability of the birding program for years to come, with all these necessary costs taken care of. We extend our deepest gratitude to these foundations for their unwavering support in enhancing the educational experiences and extended learning opportunities for our students.